Katalin Novak - Photo: Facebook

Sandor Palace: Romania’s protest over Hungary president’s Sumuleu Ciuc visit ‘exaggerated’

The Romanian foreign ministry's protest of the Hungarian president's remarks in connection with her attendance of the annual Pentecost Pilgrimage in Sumuleu Ciuc (Csíksomlyo), central Romania, is "exaggerated and unjustified, but not unusual", the presidential Sandor Palace told news portal Mandiner on Monday.

Romania’s foreign ministry contacted the Hungarian embassy in Bucharest in connection with what it called “inappropriate public messages” conveyed during the president’s visit to Romania.

Asked by Mandiner.hu to comment on the matter, the office of the president said the Romanian ministry’s objection was “exaggerated and unjustified, but not unusual”.

The Sandor Palace said the social media post in question, a video showing the singing of the Szekler Anthem at the Sumuleu Ciuc pilgrimage, can still be viewed in its original form on the president’s social media platforms.

In her Facebook post of the video, President Katalin Novak highlighted the line in the anthem “Let Transylvania fall not, O Our God!”

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