Prime Minister Viktor Orbán (l) and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic – Photo: PMO (archive)

Vucic acknowledges Hungary's support in Brussels

Orbán: Years invested in building Serbia-Hungary friendship

Years have been invested in building friendly relations between Serbia and Hungary, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Saturday, travelling on a train from Belgrade to Novi Sad with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Orbán told the Serbian press that “your president and I have invested years in building friendly relations between Serbia and Hungary”.

“This is a completely novel approach which involves difficulties but I believe we have convinced the majority of Hungarians and Serbs that cooperation is the way of the future between the two countries”.

“I am a lucky man because I have a partner in this, the Serbian president who takes action instead of just talk,” he said. “I have spent sixteen years in office and I know that many people only talk about friendship and cooperation but do nothing,” he added. “And now here’s a president who is very precise, very determined and takes action. We are thankful to him,” Orbán said.

Vucic acknowledges Hungary’s support in Brussels

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic thanked Orbán for Hungary’s support in Brussels. Vucic said “our Hungarian friends” have “raised a voice” in defence of Serbia in Brussels, while others remain silent.

“In this difficult crisis, we have agreed on one thing: that whatever it may be that Serbia is lacking, Hungary will be the first to offer it, while whatever Hungary is lacking, it can count on Serbia to be the first to meet that need,” he said.

“That’s how you build a friendship,” he added.

Speaking at the inauguration of the Belgrade-Novi Sad rail line, on which trains will run at 200 km/hour, Vucic said the line is a “symbol of Serbia’s development”.

He noted that the line was the result of an international effort, involving not only Serbs, but Chinese, Russians, Germans and the Swiss.

Szijjarto: Hungary, Serbia form ‘historic friendship’

The war in Ukraine has highlighted the importance of peaceful coexistence in central Europe and it has also made it clear how important it is that Hungary and Serbia managed to turn a former hostile relationship into a strategic partnership and even friendship, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said.

Szijjarto said that the main benefactors of this ‘historic friendship’ are the Serbian and Hungarian people on both sides of the border. Hungary and Serbia consider each other’s ethnic minority communities as resources, while the two countries’ economies strengthen and support each other, he added.

It is “extremely important” in the current situation, he said, that the sides should contribute to ensuring each other’s energy security, adding that Hungary is getting a “significant share” of its natural gas delivered from the south.

Szijjarto noted that both countries will hold elections on April 3. Vojvodina Hungarians can cast their votes in two elections on the same day because the Hungarian government has made it possible for “every member of the nation regardless of their place of residence to participate in joint decisions on our common future”, he said.

Some 80,000 letters were posted to Vojvodina Hungarians in recent days and they can also submit their votes at the Hungarian consulate general’s office in Subotica, between 6am and 10pm daily or until 7pm on the day of the election, he said.

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