Prime minister Viktor Orbán – Photo: PMO

Szijjarto: Poland protecting EU borders

Orbán: Polish-Hungarian alliance grows stronger

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán expressed his best wishes to Mateusz Morawiecki, his Polish counterpart, in a letter on the occasion of Poland's National Independence Day, Orbán's press chief Bertalan Havasi said on Thursday. "Your national holiday is a tribute to brave patriots, to the Polish people fighting for independence," Orbán said.

“By joining forces across the nation, Poland returned to the map of the world after 123 years and started shaping the fate of Europe as an independent state,” he added.

“It is my pleasure that Hungary could also contribute to Poland’s 20th century independence,” Orbán said.

Since then, he said, the Hungarian-Polish alliance has strengthened further and stands ready to address jointly the challenge of ideologies questioning our countries’ sovereignty and traditional values.

Orbán assured Morawiecki that Poles can continue to rely on Hungary’s commitment to achieving common aims.

Szijjarto: Poland protecting EU borders

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto assured his Polish counterpart Zbigniew Rau of Hungary’s solidarity and expressed thanks for Polish border guards and police protecting the borders of Poland and consequently the borders of the European Union. Szijjarto said on Facebook from Istanbul, where he is scheduled to attend the Turkic Council summit, that he had consulted with Rau over the phone late on Wednesday.

He said Rau had made a recovery and they would again sit together on the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels on Monday.

“The bad news is that Poland’s eastern borders continue to be under serious pressure posed by migration,” he said.

“Our poor Polish friends can now experience the same thing that we have been facing as a practically continuous situation for six years, with illegal migrants refusing to obey our regulations, laws and sovereignty and attempting to violate the borders of our country in large numbers,” he added.

“It must be clearly said that border violation is a crime and the same applies to encouraging border violation, not to mention people smuggling,” Szijjarto said.

All politicians in Brussels who represented a pro-migration view over the past six years, kept the mandatory resettlement quota on the agenda and denied resources from countries protecting their borders should now visit the Polish-Belarus border and “be deeply ashamed”, Szijjarto said.

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