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Official calls on Slovakia FM to be ‘respectful’ when talking about Hungarians

Tamas Menczer, the foreign ministry state secretary for external relations, has called on Slovakia's foreign minister to be "respectful in how he talks about Hungarians".

“It is known that Foreign Minister [Rastislav] Kacer is only comfortable when he regularly speaks of the Hungarian prime minister in appalling terms,” Menczer said on Facebook. “But we must remind Slovakia’s foreign minister that Viktor Orbán was elected by the Hungarian people with record support for the fourth consecutive term. The decision of the Hungarian people must be respected, even by the Slovakia’s foreign minister.”

Menczer said Orban was in favour of peace and against sanctions, noting that after the crises caused by migration and coronavirus, Hungarians had entrusted him with managing the current crisis as well.

“This is the kind of stability that is not really characteristic of Slovakia,” Menczer said. “Perhaps Foreign Minister Kacer would be better served focusing on his own country, which is constantly in a governing crisis.”

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