Katalin Novak - Photo: Facebook

Novak: Visegrad cooperation ‘alliance of heart and mind’

The Visegrad cooperation is an alliance of the heart and mind, President Katalin Novak said at a joint press conference with outgoing Czech counterpart Milos Zeman in Prague on Friday.

Novak said “those who attack the Visegrad cooperation also attack the alliance of the heart and mind” and vowed to work effectively towards countering such attacks while she is in office as president. She added that as a strong supporter of the Visegrad cooperation she believed in its power to integrate common economic, cultural and historical values.

Novak said her talks with Zeman focused on three main topics: the Russian-Ukrainian war, Czech-Hungarian bilateral cooperation and Visegrad ties.

She said they both condemned Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and stated support to Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. They also stated their support to brokering peace as soon as possible as a solution to the conflict.

As regards bilateral relations, Novak pledged to further strengthen them in the economy and in the areas of culture and tourism.

Answering a question, Novak said NATO’s expansion with Sweden and Finland was fundamentally important.

At the meeting, Novak presented to Zeman the Order of Merit of Hungary, Grand Cross with Chain “as an expression of the Hungarian nation’s esteem” for his achievements in strengthening the friendship between the two countries and enhancing Visegrad cooperation.

The Hungarian president also held informal talks with president-elect Petr Pavel.

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