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Minister underlines importance of culture, identity at diplomats’ conference

A country and a nation is only "able to act" if it has an identity and has a culture, the minister of culture and innovation told a conference of cultural diplomats serving at Hungarian missions abroad, in Budapest on Thursday.

“We can be only be successful in attracting foreign capital, if others know about us and see us valuable,” Janos Csak said at the event organised jointly by his ministry and the ministry of foreign affairs and trade.

He noted that Hungary spent 1.3 percent of its GPD on culture, compared with the European average of 0.5 percent.

The minister told the participating cultural attaches and directors of Hungarian cultural institutions abroad that their task is to promote Hungarian culture and make those influencing decisions understand it. “The aim is to maximise Hungary’s potential in representing its interests”.

Representing the foreign ministry, state secretary Peter Andras Sztaray underlined the importance of maintaining a sovereignty-focused foreign policy line while coupling it with promoting Hungarian culture which is “unique in its depth, history and content”. He also emphasised the importance of paying respect and empathy towards the culture of other nations.

On the second day of the conference on Friday, the programmes of the Veszprem 2023 European Culture Capital will be presented to the participants.

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