Prime minister Viktor Orbán – Photo: PMO

Menczer: Croatian foreign ministry ‘misundertood something’

The Croatian foreign ministry has misunderstood something, state secretary Tamas Menczer said on Tuesday commenting on the Croatian foreign ministry summoning Hungary's ambassador in Zagreb over comments by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on the European Union plan to phase out Russian oil imports.

Menczer said on Facebook that Orbán had referred to a “historical fact”.

“I hope that our Croatian friends won’t buy into the media hysteria and we can continue our work in the interest of developing cooperation,” he said.

The Hungarian ambassador in Zagreb has been summoned to the Croatian foreign ministry to explain Orbán’s statement that “Hungary would also have a sea, had it not been taken away”.

Orbán said on Friday that the EU oil embargo planned against Russia was unacceptable, adding that while countries with sea ports could have energy resources delivered to them by ships, landlocked countries were wholly dependent on pipelines.

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