Marine Le Pen (l) and Viktor Orbán – Photo: MTI

Le Pen pledges support for Orbán and ‘strong nation states’

Marine Le Pen, the presidential candidate of France's National Rally, in a letter, pledged her support to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, and for "a Europe being built not in opposition to member states but strengthening them through free cooperation," the PM's press chief said on Tuesday.

During her visit to Budapest in October, Le Pen said she had “recognised that Hungary never compromised and never gave up protecting its ancient identity,” Bertalan Havasi said.

Le Pen thanked Orbán for their “substantive and constructive talks on the future of Europe, and the position and importance of member states that constitute the bloc.”

She said she supported Orbán’s “resistance against the threats, instructions and blackmail of the European Union”. “I am more convinced than ever that patriotic and sovereigntist forces must unite in the fight to restore and guarantee state sovereignty in Europe,” she said.

Recent events such as the signing of a charter between the two political parties are steps in the right direction, “and strengthen our vision of a Europe built not in opposition to the member states but by strengthening them through freely elected and consensus-based policies,” Le Pen said.

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