The embassy of China in Budapest - Photo: wikipedia

Hungary stands by One China principle

Hungarian foreign policy is consistently committed to the One China principle, Tamas Menczer, a state secretary of the foreign ministry, said on Facebook on Tuesday.

“We sincerely hope that the situation in Taiwan will not escalate and world powers will return to cooperation based on mutual respect and trust as soon as possible,” Menczer said.

In the past months, Hungarian foreign policy has focused on peace as the only solution to the suffering and economic troubles caused by the war in a neighbouring country, he said.

At the same time, Hungary’s government finds security crises cropping up elsewhere in the world worrying, Menczer said.

“In the present situation, the last thing we need is a conflict between two world powers, even if that conflict is far away from us,” he said.

The One China principle sees the People’s Republic of China as an undivided entity, with Taiwan as part of the country rather than an independent Republic of China.


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