Prime Minister Viktor Orbán - Photo: PMO

Hungarian ambassador to Slovakia summoned over Orbán’s remark at Baile Tusnad Summer University

Hungary's ambassador to Slovakia was summoned to the Slovak foreign ministry on Monday over a remark made by Prime Minister Viktor Orban concerning the Hungarian community in Slovakia and "breakaway parts of the country" at last week's Baile Tusnad Summer University in central Romania, the ministry said.

“Czechoslovakia (and later Slovakia) and Hungary are equally successor states of Austria-Hungary. So nothing could have been separated from today’s Hungary,” the ministry told TASR news agency, adding that it considered the spreading of such narratives by anyone to be “pointlessly going against good neighbourly relations and stability in our region”.

The ministry said questioning the territorial integrity or sovereignty of Slovakia in any “direct or indirect way is absolutely unacceptable”.

“We therefore reiterate that our interest lies in normal and peaceful relations with Hungary, with respect for and consideration of mutual sensitive issues,” the statement said. “The recent remarks by the Hungarian prime minister do not go in this direction.”

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