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Fidesz official: Hungary ‘stands by Polish friends’ in CoE

Hungary "stands by our Polish friends" in the Council of Europe and "rejects baseless attacks" against Poland, Pal Zsigmond Barna, a Fidesz member of the Strasbourg parliamentary body said at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE).

He noted that the Sejm, Poland’s lower house, passed a resolution on Thursday rejecting the draft EU law on migrant quotas, and in his speech he decried the “political attack” against the “democratically elected conservative government of Poland”.

Poland and Hungary, he said, “are discriminated against” because of their conservative, Christian-democratic governments.

“I reject the constant attacks against Poland and demand greater respect for Polish voters,” Zsigmond Barna said, adding that the Hungarian and Polish opposition, “hiding behind European institutions, are baselessly attacking their own country on ideological grounds”.

European institutions, he insisted, must be “impartial and unbiased”.

It was no coincidence, he added, that Poland was attacked after Poland and Hungary voted against the EU law on the relocation of migrants.

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