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Fidesz MP: EU unity must be restored

The most important task in the European Union is to restore unity after a period of division, the head of parliament's foreign affairs committee, of ruling Fidesz, said on Monday.

Zsolt Nemeth said after a committee meeting that Gergely Gulyas, the chief of staff of the Prime Minister’s Office, had briefed the participants about the political situation in Germany following the elections and the diplomatic and bilateral effects expected.

Bilateral relations had undergone “spectacular economic development” in recent years, with 30 percent of Hungary’s foreign trade represented by trade with Germany. German investors play a very important role in employment policy, with more than 300,000 Hungarians working for German-owned companies, he added.

“The most important priority” of upcoming years for Hungary is to be able to maintain “deepened and intensive ties despite changing circumstances in diplomacy and economic policy”, and the Visegrad Group countries could play a role in this, he said.

Cooperation with the Visegrad Group is a basic interest for Germany and central Europe could be a priority region for German capital as a result of the need to shorten value chains due to international economic policy trends, he said. The digital switchover and green developments could set an important direction for Hungary-Germany economic cooperation, he said.

Commenting on EU policies, he said Germany can rely on Hungary’s support in efforts to keep Europe together. Following a period of division, solutions must be found for European cooperation instead of sharpening conflicts and disputes between East and West, he added.

He added that cooperation is hoped to also continue under the arrangements of NATO. Significant progress was made in recent years in the defence industry, with Hungary carrying out a serious development programme of its armed forces, “partly with a significant acquisition of German military equipment”, he added.

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