The building of the European Parliament in Brussels – Photo: wikipedia

Fidesz joins Kaczynski’s declaration on future of Europe

Hungary's ruling Fidesz party has signed a declaration on the future of Europe drawn up by Poland's Law and Justice (PiS) party chief Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Fidesz's leader, said on Friday.

In a video posted on Fidesz’s Facebook page, Orban said Kaczynski had called on parties with similar positions to PiS to sign the declaration issued after months of planning as a contribution to the ongoing debate on the future of the European Union.

The declaration concerns the protection of nations, families and traditional Christian values, Orban said.

“Fidesz answered the call, because as the declaration states, we want this joint document to form the basis of our cultural and political work,” the prime minister said. “This is how we wish to take part in the debate on the future of the European Union.”

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