Fidesz MEP Tamas Deutsch – Photo: wikipedia

Justice minister: Brussels 'expects submission' in exchange for funds

Deutsch protests European Commission’s ‘arrogance’

MEPs of Hungary's ruling Fidesz party have voiced protest over the European Commission's "attempts to settle disputes with central and eastern Europe by way of sheer force", Tamas Deutsch, one of the group, said on Wednesday.

Speaking before Hungarian journalists, Deutsch said that “the European ideological mainstream’s violent, illegitimate and anti-democratic attitude… destroys European cooperation and seriously undermines the unity of the European Union”.

He said that EC President Ursula von der Leyen’s recent state of the EU speech had promoted an “utterly false utopia”, which failed to address “any issues around Europe, European citizens, or the everyday problems of 27 member states”. Von der Leyen has “given an invitation to many million illegal migrants” and “expressed clear support to an agressive sexual gender propaganda financed from outside Europe”, he insisted.

Deutsch went on to say that the EC president had “illusory green daydreams” and had made proposals under which the cost of a green turnaround would be paid by millions of Europeans rather than by the largest pollutants, which are to blame for climate change.

Justice minister: Brussels ‘expects submission’ in exchange for funds

“Brussels expects submission in exchange for financial assistance” to reduce the impact of the coronavirus, the justice minister said on Facebook on Wednesday.

Judit Varga said that “Brussels uses recovery funds to have a say in the formulation of national policies”. She cited Romania as an example, which had been “forced to raise taxes, impose constraints and liberalise education before receiving aid during the pandemic”.

She insisted, however, that the Hungarian economy was strong, adding that “Brussels cannot force any restrictions on us”

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