Two Veronicas, side by side, face to face

When Verónica Chahin and Veronika Bernhardt first met, they discovered that they had more than a…

01 July 2019 - 09.07 a.m.

Georgia hosts classical music festival

26 June 2019 - 11.06 a.m.

Mind bending and eyeball slicing

Works by the foremost artists of the surrealist movement comprise the exhibition "The Surrealist…

24 June 2019 - 08.06 a.m.

Ancient art enjoyed again

The Japanese peformance art of Imayo was popular among the country's aristocrats between the 8th and…

24 June 2019 - 08.06 a.m.

Reward will finance foreign exhibition

Ani Molnár Gallery has announced that its artist, Sári Ember, is the winner of the Leopold Bloom Art…

18 June 2019 - 08.06 a.m.