Viktória Berényi

Viktória Berényi becomes the new Director of Sales at Matild Palace

From August 2022 Viktória Berényi holds the position of Director of Sales of Matild Palace. In order to achieve the sales goals of the hotel, she constantly supervises and coordinates the work of the sales team on a daily basis and ensures their effective training. As Director of Sales she plays a crucial role in the preparation and implementation of strategies for the development of the company.

Viktória Berényi has previously gained extensive experience in this role, as she worked as the Sales and Events Director of Corinthia Hotel Budapest 5* and later held the position of Business Development Director of Mistery Hotel Budapest 5*. In her previous positions she learned excellently how to strengthen the brand she represented at both domestic and international companies, and how to maximize the hotel’s revenue by achieving monthly budget targets and new business opportunities. She speaks excellent English, is a real strategic thinker, a great organizer and believes in the power of teamwork.

As a dedicated employee and based on her successes so far, the appointment of Viktória Berényi will greatly contribute to the achievement of the objectives of Matild Palace. We believe that by leading our sales team she will contribute to Matild Palace continuing to maintain and further strengthen its market position among both foreign and domestic guests.


Viktória Berényi

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