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Finance Minister meets Audi Hungaria executives

Hungary's economy and work force provide a good environment for Audi's further development, Finance Minister Mihaly Varga said on Tuesday, after meeting the car manufacturer's executives in his office in Budapest.

Audi Hungaria, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, is a “flagship” of Hungarian industry, employing some 12,000 people and ensuring the livelihood of another 50,000 families through its network of suppliers, Varga said.

Hungary’s economy grew by 4.6 percent last year and will avoid recession in 2023, to return to growth in 2024, he said. Low taxes on wages, supportive economic policy and the country’s stability are a good baseline for further development, he said. Germany is one of Hungary’s most important economic partners, with 2,700 companies employing 220,000 people in Hungary, he added.

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