Competition Office launches probe of Wizz Air Hungary

Hungary's Competition Office (GVH) on Wednesday announced the launch of a probe of Wizz Air Hungary over check-in practices.

GVH said Wizz Air Hungary had “probably” withheld information from passengers regarding free online check-in, burdening them with avoidable costs.

Wizz Air Hungary failed to inform passengers on its website during the period between December 2022 and May 2023 that travellers with return tickets couldn’t complete free online check-in from their phones because of the platform’s limitations on mobile devices and were forced to pay a EUR 40 check-in fee, it explained.

GVH has three months to conduct the probe.

In a statement issued later on Wednesday, Wizz Air said it had resolved the “technical problem” long ago, adding that it would provide all means of assistance to GVH to ensure the success of the probe.

“Wizz Air does everything possible in the interest of keeping its passengers informed in a transparent manner and its services continuously upgraded,” the airline said.

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