Company formation in Hungary
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Company formation in Hungary

Looking for the best country for European company formation?

If you consider yourself a businessman who aspires to freedom, independence and an self-ruling lifestyle, set your eyes upon Hungary.

Europe is an ever exciting place to start or deepen your business realm with numerous opportunities throughout its member states. One country that we would like to open your eyes to, focusing on company matters and taxes, is Hungary.

The lowest company tax in the EU since 2018

Hungary has been working on easing the tax system, both the personal and company income tax, that used to be one of the highest in Europe. Behind this lies the European Union policy which says that each country needs to lower tax burdens to facilitate the efficiency of the tax system.

Out of several reasons why Hungary is a flourishing business environment, we would like to point out that now you can find the lowest corporate tax here in the European Union. Sounds great, right? So if you are considering Hungary as a place to carry out an European company formation and start business here, we can assure you that the 9% flat company income tax is an excellent opportunity. 

Another significant factor when deciding to set up your European company in Hungary is the possibility of  VAT free and Custom free business operation and the European single market which holds great opportunities for entrepreneurs. 

Are you interested in EU residency? 

If a company formation is not on your horizon, there is another way to acquire EU residency by real estate investment in Hungary. Just think about what a great opportunity it would be to invest in real estate either in Budapest or in any other part of Hungary. Budapest is now a real metropolis where more than 100.000 foreigners have chosen to live. Budapest also boasts a party district which might be a key factor when choosing a property.

Company formation in Hungary
“The company formation in Hungary is a fast and easy process and takes only 24-48 hours and in addition to this, the 15% flat personal income rate is also considered to be low.”, says Dr. Melinda Győri, legal consultant at   Photo: Pixaby

Hungary has been through many historical and cultural happenings throughout its long existence in Europe but one can say that this country has always welcomed other nationalities. Looking at the origins of its inhabitants you can see that even though today the population speaks one national language, still the country’s background is a multinational palette. 

Though Hungary is small in size, the variety of its natural landscape forms its immense beauty. Hungary boasts several national parks, a great number of minor nature reserves and many landscape protection areas. We can call Hungary the land of spas with more than 1,300 thermal water springs which provide a ceaseless opportunity throughout the year for bathing in spas in the whole country.

The list could go on why Hungary is a very attractive target for those who are interested in EU residency by real estate investment. One thing is sure, investing in real estate in Hungary is a great opportunity for those who want to enjoy the special atmosphere of the Hungarian landscape and culture alongside business aspirations. 

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