Budapest’s most unique showroom is open, which shows a different face time to time

With 25 years of expertise and premium design furniture from more than 60 manufacturers, the Basic Collection Home showroom is waiting for you if you want to feel at home as if you were in a luxury hotel.

The Basic Collection Home showroom is a so-called “multibrand concept store” for which it is difficult to find a Hungarian equivalent. We can choose from several manufacturers, but what makes the place unique is how the Basic Collection experts select and present the furniture for our homes, according to their promise, by transforming the space and furnishing it differently time to time. Forget what you saw on the web and the catalogs, visit the Basic Collection Home showroom and see for yourself.

For the last 25 years, Basic Collection has collaborated in the design of some of the most prestigious hotels, restaurants, and offices around the world. They have worked on 4.000 projects with an array of manufacturers around Europe, mainly Italy and Scandinavia. They have extended their offering by opening the Basic Collection Home showroom, a new branch that allows homeowners to benefit from their professionalism in designing their home.

“We have long wanted to bring the life philosophy that Basic Collection represents into homes. Countless times, we sigh to ourselves how wonderful it would be to have a kitchen or dining room like the one in a restaurant, a bedroom like a hotel suite, a bathroom that could be a spa. With the opening of the showroom, the comprehensive approach of our experts and the beautiful furniture of our manufacturers are available to the public. We use all of these to create personalized spaces, helping you choose the essential pieces that become part of your everyday life,” says Nóra Koczka, Vice President of Basic Collection.

Nóra Koczka, Vice President of Basic Collection

Basic Collection Home offers a wide range of premium design furniture and accessories from Scandinavian and Italian manufacturers such as Miniforms, Norr11, Saba Italia, BD Barcelona Design, MDF Italia. The products from over 60 manufacturers are complemented by 25 years of expertise and Basic’s life philosophy, to offer the ultimate service, creating the home you’ve always dreamed of.

Design lovers can also visit the store by asking a Basic Collection Home expert for a personal tour.

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