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Boat with hydrogen fuel cells unveiled at Balaton Boat Show

The first boat with hydrogen fuel cells and developed by Hungarians was showcased at the Balaton Boat Show in Balatonkenese on Friday.

Kontakt-Elektro’s boat weighs 950 kilograms, it’s 6.2 metres long and can transport 8 people with a maximum speed of 22 km/h. At full speed it can travel for 3 hours for 66kms but at lower speeds its maximum distance can be extended to 80kms.

The event organiser National Hydrogen Technology Platform’s head Istvan Lepsenyi said there are at least 200 boats powered by electric motors sailing on Lake Balaton, but the future belongs to hydrogen fuel cells because of their bigger capacities.

Lepsenyi, the CEO of Valor Hungariae, a state-owned company that aims to keep innovative Hungarian ideas in the country and foster them, noted there are no hydrogen fuelling stations in Hungary yet but the introduction of hydrogen powered vehicles will attract the attention of market players.

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