Kocsis: Report on connection between migration and terrorism made public

The secret service report on the connection between migration and terrorism has been made public, Mate Kocsis, group leader of ruling Fidesz, said on Facebook on Thursday, adding that the report "clearly shows the risk the irresponsible migration policy of Brussels poses to the ...

Boka slams European migration policy

Protecting the community's external borders is "key for the debate on migration" within the European Union, but "the EU's concept is not comprehensive", it cannot be used to reduce the number of migrants entering Europe, Janos Boka, Hungary's EU affairs minister, said in an ...

Orbán: Support for migration equals support for terrorism

Hungary is opposed to terrorism, so it is also opposed to migration, the prime minister said in Brussels on Thursday. "Those who support migration also support terrorism," Viktor Orbán said ahead of a two-day European Union summit.

Szijjarto calls for end to war at Minsk conference

An immediate ceasefire and peace talks are needed in Ukraine, as the number of victims and destruction will only grow as the war continues, Peter Szijjarto, the minister of foreign affairs and trade, told a security conference in Minsk on Thursday.