Opposition calls for EU measures to curb energy crisis

Orbán: Hungary’s energy supplies guaranteed

"The most important issue for us has been settled favourably," Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in Versailles early on Friday, declaring that "there will be no [European Union] sanctions covering oil and gas; in other words Hungary's energy supplies will be guaranteed in the ...

Gulyas: Hungary must seek peace

"When surrounded by the clamour of war, we must serve the cause of peace," the prime minister's chief of staff said at an award-giving ceremony marking Hungary's March 15 national holiday on Friday.

Orbán to oppose EU sanctions on Russian energy at emergency summit

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is travelling to France on Thursday to attend an emergency summit of European Union leaders in Versailles on the war in Ukraine and its effects, the PM's press chief said, adding that Orbán will make clear that Hungary is opposed ...

Szijjarto highlights importance of intelligence amid Ukraine war

Hungary's intelligence services carry special responsibility in the current situation, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Thursday, arguing that it was their job to stave off attempts to undermine Hungary's security or drag the country into the conflict.

Putin would want Hungary too, Ukraine ambassador warns

The Ukrainian Ambassador to Hungary, Lyubov Nepop, has taken the Hungarian government to task for its attitude to the ongoing war in her country following the invasion by Russia. She said “You’ll only have strategic calm in the grave” in reference to Prime Minister ...