Szijjarto: Hungary as EU president to cooperate with ASEAN

During its European Union presidency starting on July 1, Hungary will cooperate with Laos, which is currently serving as president of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and will work to strengthen ties between the regions, the foreign minister said in Laos on ...

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Szijjarto: Hungary, Vatican share position on issue of war and peace

Hungary and the Vatican are on an equal footing as regards the issue of war and peace, Peter Szijjarto, the foreign minister, said after meeting the Vatican's Secretary for Relations with States in Vatican City on Friday, noting that both countries supported making peace ...

Szijjarto welcomes Brazil-China statement on Ukraine war

Hungary welcomes the statement signed by Brazil and China on how to resolve the war in Ukraine, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said in St Petersburg on Thursday, saying the statement promoted peace in the country, which was in Hungary's interest.

Ader: Negotiations could lead to peace

"Should NATO declare war on Russia for any reason, Hungary, a NATO member, will become a party in the war," former President Janos Ader told public Kossuth Radio on Tuesday.

Kovacs: War or peace at stake in EP election

At stake in the European parliamentary election will be whether war or peace prevails, Zoltan Kovacs, the state secretary for international relations and communications, said during a campaign tour on Thursday.

Szijjarto: War in Ukraine causing ‘serious economic damage’

Apart from the casualties and destruction, the war in Ukraine "is causing serious economic damage", which underlines the importance of establishing peace as soon as possible, Peter Szijjarto, the foreign minister, said in Brussels on Thursday, adding that "unimpeded economic development" was conditional on ...

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Hungary, Japan sign nuclear cooperation pact

Hungary and Japan have signed an agreement on cooperation on nuclear energy, including the technological development of small modular reactors, the minister of foreign affairs and trade said in Tokyo on Tuesday.

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Thirtieth anniversary of freedom for Lithuania

Deadly day of protest remembered

Although each January 13 is a day of celebration in Lithuania, it is also a day of sorrow and remembrance for those who fell on that date in 1991 while seeking independence for their country. Thirty years later in Budapest, Ambassador to Hungary Vytautas ...

US presidential elections: how they work

Winner must secure 270 Electoral College votes

Hungary’s right-wing Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wants to see the similarly politically aligned United States President, Donald Trump, re-elected on Tuesday, November 3. Trump came to power four years ago despite recording a popular vote of 62.9 million to Democrat rival Hillary Clinton’s 65.8 ...