Szijjarto: War ‘won’t end anytime soon’

The Russia-Ukraine war "won't end anytime soon" as there "isn't a trace" of negotiations, Peter Szijjarto, the Hungarian foreign minister, said in an interview with daily Magyar Nemzet on Saturday.

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Szijjarto: War threatening to cause global food shortages

he war in Ukraine is threatening to cause global food shortages and triggering further migration waves, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Monday, adding that Hungary has offered to provide a route for Ukrainian food produce exports.

Finance Minister: Global minimum tax would bring about tax increases

US advocacy group welcomes Hungary rejecting global minimum tax

Hungary is wise to reject the global minimum tax proposal that would significantly damage the valuable tax competition among countries and would cause undue harm to businesses, workers, and economies around the world, Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform, said on the ...

V4 chiefs of staff discuss army cooperation

Army leaders attending a meeting of Visegrad Group chiefs of staff discussed current issues in cooperation between national armies on Tuesday, the Hungarian chief of staff said on Tuesday.

Charity concert in Budapest, June 16

Ukraine artists responding in song to Russian slaughter

An open-air charity concert with Ukrainian artists and musicians, part of a Life Will Win tour to draw attention to the struggle of the Ukrainian people against the Russian military invasion, will take place at Bakáts ter, a park near Bálna and Petőfi Bridge, ...

Szijjarto: ‘Global East-West cooperation needed’

Within Europe, the hope of cooperation between East and West has evaporated for the time being due to the war in Ukraine, but on a global level this cooperation is ever more important, Peter Szijjarto, the Hungarian foreign minister, said at the Indo-Pacific Forum ...

Fidesz MEP: Hungary doing everything it can for peace

Hungary is doing everything possible to help bring about peace in Ukraine, Kinga Gal, an MEP of ruling Fidesz, said in Strasbourg on Wednesday, noting that the country had backed all six of the EU's sanctions packages against Russia.

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