Veszprém getting ready to be a European Capital of Culture 2023

My brief visit to Veszprém took me to one of the oldest cities in Hungary, dating as far back as the Chieftain Árpád dynasty of the 10th century. According to local legend, this historical reference point was founded on seven distinct hills, which are ...

Vukovar, home to the Golden Apple and Vucedol Dove

The Budapest Times joined the delegation of the World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers (FIJET) when it revisited Vukovar, a small town by the River Duna in eastern Croatia, this month for a ceremony on Vukovar Day, which is every May 3, to ...

Splendour overcomes tragedy at Vukovar

Lesser-known Vukovar – Valkóvár to Hungarians – is a quaint riverside town within a remote agricultural land mass in the Slavonian region of eastern Croatia. For those outsiders who may know anything about this locale, it probably won't be so much for its perhaps ...

European Capital of Culture in Kaunas also backs Ukraine

In the middle of a cloud, Yoko Ono over Lithuania

Organisers of the European Capital of Culture 2022 event at Kaunas in Lithuania this year have scored a notable coup with the staging of an installation/exhibition by New York-based Japanese-American artist Yoko Ono.

Away from it all in blissful Austrian Alps

For a quick and pleasant getaway from the city, in my family's case from Budapest, we recommend a visit to the Kreischberg ski resort and general mountain area in central Austria.