A brief insight to Kazakh legend Abaj Kunanbajev

Take a philosophical stroll to Astana Road

Although fairly familiar with modern-day Kazakhstan travel guides, which always deliver on this Central Asian nation's very diverse and picturesque topography, I confess to not knowing too much about life there. Other than what's occasionally in the news or observed at events hosted by ...

Szolnok with an unexpected Estonian twist

A tale of two Tallinns

This wintery, restricted-action January I yearned for a day out. It did not matter where. In haste, I took the first train out of the city and went to Szolnok. I had no real aim in mind other than to be the mere tourist ...

Back to where it all began

A remarkable return to ‘early days’ Castle District

Anyone who knows anything about local tourism will surely agree the upmarket and prestigious Castle District is one of the first attractions high on anyone's list to see. Certainly this was the case with me many years ago when I first appeared on the ...

Government decides to disburse wage subsidies in a simplified procedure

Tourism agency: Sector needs new plans after ‘tragic’ year

Hungary's tourism sector needs a new strategy after a "tragic" year in which aid from the Hungarian government was the only lifeline it could count on, the head of the Hungarian Tourism Agency said in an interview.

European Capitals of Culture shake-up

Cancelled: please come back next year

The coronavirus pandemic has claimed many victims so far, individual and organisational, and of the latter the lockdowns would have particularly hurt in Croatia’s Rijeka and Ireland’s Galway, where after years of planning and anticipation, their time in the spotlight as European Capitals of ...

UNESCO heritage offers plenty to see

An energising day out at Somoskő Castle and valley

For a not-so-demanding and liberating mask-removing day out, I highly recommend a visit to the family-friendly Somoskő Castle, sitting on a 526-metre redundant volcanic peak in the hilly and forested Medves valley of Nőgrád County. But it's not enough just to go there. This ...

Veszprem, Balatonfured plan joint cultural capital programmes

The towns of Veszprem and Balatonfured in western Hungary are planning to host joint events in 2023, when Veszprem will be one of the Cultural Capitals of Europe, the government commissioner responsible for the event told a press conference.