Parliament to vote on new accommodation rating system

All tourist accommodation in Hungary will be classified from one to five stars on the basis of uniform criteria, the CEO of the Hungarian Tourism Agency (MTU) said on Saturday, outlining a bill being submitted to parliament.

The capital with the eye of an expat

BBQ at the Kis-Balaton

With the advent of the summer sun, the annual exodus from Budapest is in the offing. Visitors to the city during July and August are often surprised at how empty it is of Hungarians. While Parisians head to the coast and Milanese head for ...

Austria lists Hungary as low-incidence country

Austria has listed Hungary among the countries with a low incidence of coronavirus infections, the operative body responsible for handling the epidemic in Hungary said on Wednesday.

Travel after the pandemic #3: Vienna

Home to Mozart, Harry Lime and emperors

Splendid building after splendid building in the imposing ex-imperial city of Vienna has rows of statues of men standing along the roof edges. They look like potential suicides about to plunge into the cobblestone streets below. But who would want to commit suicide in ...

Travel after the pandemic #2: Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava blues a little more promising now

The enticing motto “Bratislava, the 72 Hour City”, as newly devised by the Bratislava Tourist Board, not only offers a warm welcome to this alluring river city but also suggests much to see and do in the three-day time frame. My response to this ...

Szijjarto in talks on unimpeded travel for inoculated Czech, Hungarian citizens

Foreign ministry official: WHO confirms Sinopharm protects elderly against Covid-19

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has confirmed that China's Sinopharm vaccine is effective also in protecting the elderly against Covid-19, a foreign ministry official said on Tuesday. In the meantime Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto held talks with his Czech counterpart, Jakub Kulhanek, on unimpeded ...

Guest nights fall 69.7 percent in March

The number of guest nights at commercial accommodations in Hungary fell by an annual 69.7 percent to 224,000 in March due to pandemic restrictions, the Central Statistical Office (KSH) said on Tuesday.

Home of Leonard Cohen and his ’muse’ Marianne

Travel after the pandemic #1: Hydra, Greece

On the rear sleeve of Leonard Cohen’s second album “Songs From a Room”, released in 1969, is a young lady sitting at a typewriter in a stark room, barely furnished with plain plastered stone walls and old wooden shutters. This was the 200-year-old house ...