Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, European Capital of Culture 2022

Steeling itself for a stellar year in the spotlight

Luxembourg has been a stalwart member country of the European Union since 1958, one of the “Inner Six” founder states of what was originally called the European Communities, and when Esch-sur-Alzette becomes a European Capital of Culture in 2022 it will be the third ...

Kaunas Airport, Lithuania, renamed Fluxus Airport

Checking in for European Capital of Culture 2022

The international Fluxus movement, which emphasises the artistic process over the result, is rooted in Kaunas, Lithuania, and to celebrate the legacy of George Maciunas, the founder of the international community that includes artists such as Yoko Ono, his hometown Kaunas has renamed its ...

Accommodation in less obvious districts of tourist centres

‘Live like a local’ in Vienna, Linz

It is a decade now since a group of Viennese architects hatched a plan in 2011 for a different kind of tourist accommodation. Empty commercial premises in areas off the well-trodden track but still fairly central would be converted for guests who could then ...

grätzl hotels put guests at heart of a community

A shop window onto Vienna’s streets

The variety of hotels in which The Budapest Times has bedded down in quite a few countries in the past decade has covered a gamut, from imposing – and costly – palaces with liveried doormen and Rolls-Royces outside to those chain-type places that are ...

Arany Palace inaugurated in Salonta

Government officials from Hungary and Romania inaugurated the Arany Palace in Salonta (Nagyszalonta), Romania, on Saturday, following a renovation supported by the Hungarian government.