Fawlty Towers briefly spotted in Budapest

‘Kippers, anyone?’

“Is that Basil's car – and Fawlty Towers?” For a brief but surreal moment the distinctly red modern-day automobile parked outside the elaborate whitewashed building turned into a remarkable double-take of John Cleese’s great 1970s British comedy, right here in suburban Zugló.

Festive photos by Krisztián Bódis

Christmas in Budapest captured

The eco-friendly Christmas lights around Budapest may have been admired by fewer people this year, with locals having to hurry home by 8pm and tourists in short supply, but there was still plenty for renowned urban photographer Krisztián Bódis to snap.

Christmas in Hungary

Traditions from generation to generation

Is there any doubt that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year? And from the Great Lantern Festival of the Philippines to St. Nicholas’ evil accomplice Krampus roaming Austrian city streets frightening kids and punishing the bad ones to Norwegians hiding their ...

Where are the shoppers?

Váci utca as never before

It was remarkable, as well as perhaps not too surprising, to sense a quieter than usual and general emptiness within the city's most illustrious shopping district, Váci utca, one week before Christmas.

Tips from an author with a keen eye on Budapest’s urban scene

Seven different gift ideas this Christmas

If you are confronted with the recurring problem of giving a Christmas present to your expat friends, don’t commit the terrible mistake of giving him/her bottles of Unicum or Tokaj wine, or extra-hot red paprika in a cloth bag. The following ideas will put ...

Enter the dragon at Kőbányai út

Chinatown a hidden extra to the city

In its global abundance, Chinese cuisine is familiar and plentiful nowadays, marketed in the same way as “European food” and hamburgers alike. But as for Chinese culture, this is another matter altogether for the many who, like me, know little more than what comes ...

The legacy of Béla Lugosi, the world's most famous vampire

From Hungary to Hollywood, Dracula still lives on

Here is a brief, and perhaps unexpected, close-to-home “en-Count-er” for the Halloween season. Not that the phantom of darkness needs any introduction, but few recall who the original actor was. It's worth a reminder, as the first-of-many to get behind the cape in the ...
Zsa Zsa Gabor

Frédéric von Anhalt speaks about his late wife, Zsa Zsa Gabor

Hollywood celebrity “was a Hungarian at heart”

She was among the genuine “It girls” of Hollywood – without any major talent in acting the Hungarian-born Zsa Zsa Gabor was among the first to become famous simply for being famous. To achieve this, she lived a life full of debauchery and scandal. ...

Sport and music at La Estancia club in Etyek

Summer polo party thrills

Two international teams showed off their horseback skills in front of about 120 spectators in a mid-summer polo party at the Zimmermann family's La Estancia Polo Club in Etyek. As well as the match, classical music and open-air cinema entertained the guests.