Not your average expat

‘We’re going to stay here’

The village of Kisszékely is unlikely to be on many people’s “must-see” list of destinations to visit in Hungary. With its population of just 200, it nestles east of Lake Balaton, bordered by forests and completely hidden among the rolling hills. It is what ...

Not your average expat

‘All I wanted to do is make a difference’

A foray beyond the environs of Budapest to one of the lesser-visited cities in Hungary offers a glimpse of small-town life that has elsewhere been obscured by urbanisation and a faster pace of living. On leaving the M5 motorway, the bumpy country roads conjure ...

Interview with János Zolcer, author of “Gorbachev's Secrets”

Former Soviet president reveals private life to trusted friend

Television and film producer János Zolcer first met former Soviet Union president Mikhail Gorbachev in Vienna in 2000 and they have been good friends since. One result is Zolcer’s book “Gorbachev's Secrets. Unveiling the 80s, First-hand Stories He Told Me”, now translated from the ...

12 Hungarian Idioms to make you happy as a monkey about his tail

Some humour is needed to get through the gloomy days of the stay-at-home-rather-than-in-hospital coronavirus pandemic. Daniel Csaki offers 12 quite commonly used Hungarian idioms for English-language expatriates to understand and perhaps learn. Use them in day-to-day life, or the next time you end up ...

Kincsem appoints CALLUM for Hyper-car design brief

Horse power the inspiration behind digital luxury

Kincsem, the world-famous Hungarian racehorse, was unbeaten over a career of 54 races, and her legacy lives on with the global launch on March 17 of British-Hungarian digital luxury brand Kincsem, founded by 35-year-old Hungarian businessman Tibor Bak.

Filmmaker Zed Nelson tells story behind “The Street”

Boom and crisis in ‘hipster ground zero’

Budapest Architecture Film Days are currently running until March 13, and “The Street” on March 9 examines the rapidly gentrifying but impoverished part of the East End of London where a proud yet fragile tradition of market stalls and pie and mash shops now ...

Introducing Marion Merrick

English teacher, author and long-term resident

Hungary’s flourishing expat scene of today was practically non-existent when Paul and Marion Merrick first arrived on the scene from Reading, UK, in 1978 and then moved to the capital permanently in 1982. Not only were they pioneers in this sense but almost 40 ...