All imaginables turn real with local artist

Dreams versus realities at excelling art exhibition

Introducing Oxána Bódis, a celebrated local artist and graduate in arts and technical drawing, who is originally from Bobrujszk, a town south-east of Minsk, Belarus. She moved to Hungary in 1990. Her characteristic paintings range from the use of aquarelles, graphics, oils and so ...

Not your average expat

“This is about a lifestyle”

The reasons for leaving an established way of life in your home country and becoming an expat are many: careers and relationships probably heading the list. However, to be in your 50s, where neither of these motivations provide the explanation, whilst relocating to a ...

Sense of job security improves

Fully 62 percent of Hungarian employees are confident of 5-plus years of job security, according to a recent survey. A year ago, 55 percent were similarly assured.

Not your average expat

Is this Hungary’s last master glass-blower?

Has James Carcass unwittingly become Hungary’s last master glass-blower? The country which once had glass factories in Salgótarján, Ajka, Tokod and Parád now produces only such standard items as beer or wine bottles, with just three small privately-run workshops producing blown glass.

Not your average expat

The house with no address

Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia, the U.K., the Cayman Islands, the San Yuan Islands, U.S.A., Malta and… Vásárosmiske, Hungary. This is just a shortlist of places where intrepid traveller Kristin Cook has lived, taking in several continents and many countries – and culminating ...

Not your average expat

Laying ghosts

There can be few less likely places to meet an expatriate from the UK than in a cemetery in the north-eastern city of Nyíregyháza, some 70 kilometres from Hungary’s border with Ukraine. It is in this extensive burial ground that Nigel works as a ...