Not your average expat

From ‘Death on the Nile’ to life on the Danube

As strange as any of the films that Mark Rimmell worked on, is the plot of his own life; in particular, the months he spent at the Marriott hotel, sitting on his balcony and staring across the Danube at the building in which he ...

Wrapping up in Ecuadorean attire this winter

Fashions from Ecuador paraded on a Budapest catwalk this month were a tribute to the dedicated, behind-the-scenes artisans back home, as it was their humble creations – splendid handmade clothes and accessories such as luxurious scarves, sweaters, traditional ponchos, symbolic Panama and felt hats, ...

Not your average expat

Wild dogs, Chieftain Árpád and train stopping

It was never Alex Stemp’s intention to settle in Hungary. In 1993, feeling jaded with his life in England and curious about the world beyond the recently opened Iron Curtain, Alex found himself sitting in a bar in Prague. He was also somewhat jaded ...

Diplomatic fair for charity

Shop the world all in a day

The Diplomatic Spouses of Budapest organisation is back after a one-year coronavirus hiatus and will hold its 10th Diplomatic Charity Fair at the regular venue, the InterContinental Budapest, on November 21, 2021.

Economist Janos Kornai dies

Economist Janos Kornai, holder of the Szechenyi Prize and the French Legion of Honour, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, professor emeritus at Harvard and Budapest's Corvinus universities, died at age 94, his family told MTI late on Monday.

“Bonfire Night” at Budapest Marriott Hotel on November 9

Charity party for children returns

The Xpat Charity Party and Bonfire Night celebration”Feel Good + Do Good” is back after a one-year pandemic hiatus and will be held at the Budapest Marriott Hotel on November 9.