What does Zsófi Mautner show to a world famous star chef from the gastronomy of the Hungarian countryside?

Fisherman’s soup and paprika, of course

Wolfgang Puck is without any doubt a legendary chef. According to the Chinese Morning Post, he occupies the prestigious 6th place on the international list of the 10 richest chefs, with his net worth estimated to 90 million dollars. He has more than 25 ...

Our daily bread: the swift politicisation of harvest festivals

“If you’re with us, you’ll eat this!” This slogan along with the picture of a loaf of bread on its banner summarised succinctly the political program of the Hungarian Smallholders’ Party after the Second World War. They were not the only political party trying ...

Zsa Zsa: a star on Hollywood Boulevard, a museum in Budapest

Glamorous dresses and furniture and the edition of "Life" magazine with Zsa Zsa Gábor on the cover are among the exhibits at the museum dedicated to Hungary’s most famous film star that opened recently in Budapest’s District XV.