How the socialist food industry reformed everyday life in Hungary

The ‘modern’ diet

The second half of the 20th century saw major changes in food consumption worldwide: new types of ready and ready-to-cook meals, frozen and canned goods appeared on the shelves transforming daily life. Although in the West these new technologies boosted the lucrative character of ...

Holocaust survivor receives Hungarian honour

Lily Ebert, a 98-year-old Hungarian survivor of the Holocaust living in London, has been decorated with Hungary's Order of Merit, Knight's Cross, in recognition for her efforts in Holocaust education.

Weekly Fortepan – Even colours are different in the West

The death agony of capitalism in colour photos

Passing by Hegyeshalom border village between Austria and Hungary, colours get a different shade. Upon leaving the border and the monotone greyness of the Comecon, colour pigments heighten, neon lights pull you in and lip gloss becomes lively on women’s lips – even though ...

Not your average expat

‘Pioneer’ Japanese pianist is at home in Budapest

Foreigners the world over may find they feel happier in their adoptive countries than they did in their homelands. The explanations are various: from climate to culture, and from work opportunities to a personal rapport with the locals.

Good Friday service in English

Good Friday is one of the most important and solemn days of the Christian calendar, commemorating the death of Jesus Christ at Calvary. The Anglican Community of Saint Margaret's, Budapest, will honour the day with a special service, or liturgy, at 12.30 CET, lasting ...

Teachers, children reel from full horrors of war

Even three years ago when I was last at the Key-School in outer Kyiv there was still a continual fear of an enemy at the gate. Life was relatively safe but the threat remained of further Russian aggression against Ukraine. Now all-out war has ...

Weekly Fortepan – Summer camps the Hungarian way

World Scout jamborees in Gödöllő in the 1930s

Chief Scouts, royal princesses and governors followed in each other’s heels in the Royal Palace Parks of Gödöllő in the 1930s: Hungary hosted two large-scale world Scout jamborees in that period, one of them took place in the summer of the fateful year of ...

Weekly Fortepan – Great discoveries from letters sent in

‘Those are my grandparents!’

From time to time, the editors at Fortepan are moved by the letters from readers who took the effort to write down the story behind a particular Fortepan photo or by messages from people writing to tell that they have recognised a family member, ...