DK: 2023 ‘year of Orbán’s austerity’

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) has slammed economic measures taken by the government over the past year, saying that 2023 had been "the year of [Prime Minister Viktor] Orbán's austerity measures".

Hungary backs extension of EU measure expediting renewables projects

Hungary supports an initiative to extend an EU measure accelerating the process of issuing permits for renewable energy projects, but is opposed to extensions of a gas price cap and joint gas procurement, the state secretary for energy and climate policy said in Brussels ...

Chief prosecutor initiates suspending two lawmakers’ immunity

Chief Public Prosecutor Peter Polt has initiated the suspension of the parliamentary immunity of two lawmakers in connection with a legal case involving a Budapest-based charity organisation and national tax authority NAV, Polt's office said on Tuesday.

Socialists propose ‘honest’ billing for gas

The opposition Socialist Party has submitted a bill aimed at making state owned gas and electricity provider MVM introduce a new practice of "fair and honest" invoicing to prevent the company from "using customers' money without paying them an interest".