BKK submits EU funding bids for metro, tram developments

The Budapest transport centre (BKK) on Wednesday submitted a bid for EU funding worth 10 billion forints (EUR 26m) for the preparation of large-scale metro and tram development projects in the city under the 2021-2027 budgetary cycle, BKK said.

Hidveghi: Government views farmers as allies

The "inconsiderate and short-sighted" green policies of Brussels destroy European farmers, whereas the Hungarian government views Hungarian farmers as allies, ruling Fidesz MEP Balazs Hidveghi said on Wednesday.

Fidesz: Only president can exercise right of clemency

The right of clemency is one that only the president can exercise, "irrespective of whether or not we individually agree" with a given pardon, ruling Fidesz's parliamentary group leader said on Facebook on Tuesday.

Government official: Hungary a ‘key state’

Hungary is a "key state" which takes it upon itself to represent regional interests as well, and represents values in connection with the changing world order that "differ from the usual", the prime minister's political director said at the presentation of a book on ...