Szijjarto: Hungary-US trade broke record in 2023

Hungarian-American bilateral trade set a new record, exceeding 9 billion dollars last year, while US investments continue to flow into Hungary, Peter Szijjarto, the minister of foreign affairs and trade, said in Washington, DC, on Thursday, noting that the United States is Hungary's biggest ...

Trade surplus nears half a billion euros in January

In January the surplus of the external trade in goods amounted to EUR 497 million, the external trade in goods level increased by 12% on the export side, and was up by 4.2% on the import one, month-on-month

Retail sales return to growth in January

In January 2024, the volume of retail trade in both raw and calendar-adjusted data was 0.6% higher than in the same month of the previous year. Calendar-adjusted sale volumes increased by 0.2% in specialized and non-specialized food shops and by 4.6% in automotive fuel ...

Industrial output falls by 3.6 percent in January

Output of Hungary's industrial sector fell by an annual 3.6 percent in January, a fraction of the 13.7 percent decline in the previous month, a first reading of data released by the Central Statistics Office (KSH) on Wednesday shows.


Crowdfunding and attracting investments

Crowdfunding is known as collective funding. It represents an innovative way to raise funds to support promising and diverse initiatives. According to fintech expert Sergey Kondratenko, this method is based on voluntary investments from participants.

Finance Minister: Economy ‘over the hump’

The government's measures have helped ensure that the country's external financing capacity, consumer price index and real wages start moving in the right direction, Finance Minister Mihaly Varga told an economic policy forum organised by the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MKIK) on ...