Press Photo Exhibition

Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre

Hungarian Press Photo exhibition to open today

The 38th Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition displaying some 350 photographs will open on Wednesday at Budapest's Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre.

Jury to see Pilate on August 22

Hungarian film competing for Golden Globe

"Pilate", a Hungarian film directed by Linda Dombrovszky and based on a novel by Magda Szabó, is competing for the Golden Globe Awards after being selected into the Foreign Language Film Series 2021 programme, the Hungarian Film Institute told MTI.

WOMEX to return to Budapest in 2020

Biggest event in global music

More than 2500 music professionals and performers are expected to attend WOMEX in Budapest between October 21 and 25, the first time the World Music Expo has been in the city since 2015.

Mistress Wind art exhibition by Tímea Szabó

From landscapes into a deeper world

A series of erotic paintings by Tímea Szabó of Gyöngyös has gone on display with the title Szél Úrnő (Mistress Wind) at Műterem Kávézó in District VIII under the auspices of the Gallery of Young Artists.

Chocolate and politics side by side at Parliament Square

Delectable museum delivers sweeter promises

I really enjoy coming across unusual and unexpected things, such as recently when I was passing through central Pest on the number 2 tram, taking in the high splendour of the Duna River and the opposite Buda side until my arrival at equally splendid ...

First a war and now 'invisible enemy' strike Vienna

Third Man museum fights back against virus

Black marketeer Harry Lime faked his death in post-World War Two Vienna in a bid to shake off the occupying armies hunting him for selling lethal watered-down penicillin. This was the central story in the top-notch 1949 British film "The Third Man", shot on ...