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Hungary to showcase German editions of recent titles at own stand at Leipzig Book Fair

Hungary will present the German edition of titles published over the past years and four programmes at its own stand at the prestigious Leipzig Book Fair running between March 21-24, the Petofi Cultural Agency (PKU) said on Wednesday.
20. March 2024 17:21

On Thursday morning, a discussion will be hosted by PKU on Vojvodina Hungarian writer Laszlo Vegel’s 2015 novel Balkan Beauty at the stand, the agency said in a statement. The event will be moderated by Annamarie Turk of Wieser Verlag, the book’s German publisher, with Christina Kunze, the book’s translator, acting as interpreter, the agency said.

The Hungarian stand’s programme will continue in the afternoon with the presentation of the anthology Die Ruckeroberung des Reservats by Panni Puskas and Norbert Vass published in partnership Klak Verlag and Collegium Hungaricum in Berlin. At the event, Regina Gisbertz will recite parts from the book in the presence of the two Hungarian authors. Later in the afternoon, Zoltan Lesi’ anthology on Hungarian emigration entitled An unseren Grenzen haben wir Angst will be presented.

On Friday evening, a round-table discussion will be held with poets Kinga Toth and Franziska Dehkordy, the agency said.


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