“Love in Budapest” by Robert Babirad (published by TouchPointPress)

Exposure to rich history of Hungary results in first novel

Robert Babirad was inspired to write his debut novel, “Love in Budapest”, after his experiences during his first visit to Hungary to visit family and friends last summer, spending time in the capital and Lenti, in Zala county. It was the first time that his father, who is from Mosonmagyaróvár, by the Austrian border, had been back to Hungary since the communist era in the late 1970s.
16. May 2022 13:08

The book took Babirad about two months to write but around six months of research and reading. He says he wanted to bring the rich history of Budapest into its pages. “Personally, I was inspired to write the novel after my experiences in Hungary and particularly in Budapest.  Learning the history behind places like Margit-sziget, the Royal Palace, the Buda Hills, the Parliament Building, Szent István Bazilika and people like St. Stephen, King Matthias, St. Margaret, Count István Széchenyi and the Eszterházys was endlessly interesting and inspired me to continue to learn more about the history of Hungary.

“It then led me on to write a novel that incorporated a small part of that background knowledge. I was also able to connect the plot and events that take place in the novel with my own background in teaching and European Union Law.”

Babirad, 38, was born in New York and is a citizen of both Hungary and the United States. He is licensed as an attorney and an English teacher, and he has a Masters in European Union Law from King’s College, London.

He says: “I’m very interested in history, the arts, travel, literature and learning languages. I’m also continuing to work a little more each day on my Hungarian language studies. Those are all interests that I’m the most passionate about.

“Travelling throughout the world has been what I consider to be one of the most valuable experiences in my life. It really opens one’s eyes to how much more there is outside of one’s own country and all of the different perspectives, cultures and ways of seeing the world that exist outside of our own everyday lives.

Robert Babirad

“The culture, language, food, people and traditions that I experienced while in Hungary have and will always hold a special place for me. I’m hoping to return again soon, as there are many more places that I would like to see and experience.”

A blurb for “Love in Budapest” says: “New York City attorney Lillianna seems to have it all. Her life is mapped out. Until she is forced to travel across the world to Budapest with no return in the near future or lose her job.

“Lillianna is assigned to a special project in her firm’s Budapest office where she is responsible for completing a brief that will be submitted to the European Court of Justice – a project that requires a familiarity with Budapest for its successful completion. An accidental meeting leads her to a handsome young professor who agrees to help with the research components of the brief.

“As the duo enjoy Budapest’s rich culture and history, feelings grow and a relationship gradually develops only to be jeopardised when Lillianna is dropped from the project and suddenly called back to New York.”

Will she embrace the new life she has developed in Budapest or return to the comfortable life she’s planned and built in New York?

The book will be published on June 8.

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