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Bradley-Farrell’s book on Hungarian politics presented in New York

A book analysing Hungarian politics by Shea Bradley-Farrell, the head of the Counterpoint Institute, was presented in New York on Thursday.
8. December 2023 8:48

Last Warning to the West is the result of the author’s months-long research in Hungary as a leading researcher of the Centre for Fundamental Rights (Alapjogokert Kozpont).

At the event, the author recommended the Hungarian government’s policies as an antidote to progressive aspirations. She said leftist ideology in the US threatened to undermine people’s freedom. Hungarian history set an example of standing up against conquering forces, she said.

Alapjogokert’s head, Miklos Szantho, said Hungary had been resisting foreign powers wanting to assimilate the country since the times of its first king, St Stephen. While Hungary had always been a conflict zone during clashes between powers, it could become a meeting point of East and West in times of peace, he said. “That is why we reject the logic of the new Cold War and woke brainwashing…” he said.

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