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Twenty-three contemporary painters at group exhibition KIÚT/The Way Out

What is it like when the world turns around?

We may have faced this situation two years ago at the start of the pandemic, and while we are confident we are now over it, we are still facing further challenges.
6. June 2022 18:59

The exhibition titled The Way Out presents the works and reflections of 23 contemporary painters: images that have now become documents of the age, but abstracted from the pandemic the images seek refuge from the vicissitudes of our present that affect everyone.

The first stop of the exhibition at the Standby, Kodály körönd, District VI, was a joint cry for help, and last year we continued the outdoor exhibition with the latest contemporary answers.

Ágnes Verebics – The Way Out

We are giving a selection of these street exhibitions at the Pintér Gallery and Auction House, Falk Miksa utca 10, District V, from June 8 to 30, and in the meantime we have also invited new artists and works to the exhibition.

We look forward to our opening, which will be on June 8 at 7 pm at the Pintér Gallery. The exhibition will be opened by cultural journalist Dénes P. Szabó, with music by János Kardos-Horváth.

Szilárd Cseke – October

Artists: Kristóf Ázbej, József Baksai, Pál Breznay, Zsombor Barakonyi, Szilárd Cseke, László Fehér, Pál Gerber, Zsuzsanna Gesztelyi-Nagy, Mónika Horváth, Mózes Incze, György Jovián, Naomi Devil, Ábel Péterfy, Ábel Szabó, Agnes Szikra,  Ágnes Zászkaliczky, Patrick Tayler, Ágnes Verebics, Kati Verebics, Péter Weiler

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