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V4 Festival to be held end-June

The VeNegy Festival featuring performers from the Visegrad Group is scheduled to be held between June 24 and 27 in Nagymaros, northern Hungary, organisers said.
13. May 2021 6:48

The festival will see performances from Hungarian bands Halott Penz, Punnany Massif and Bori Peterffy and the Love Band, among others. Austrian punk-metal band Russkaja will also perform, besides groups from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, they said.

The theatre tent will offer a workshop for V4 theatre professionals ahead of the festival, and will host a colourful medley of performances from the four countries. Other programmes will include street performances, sports opportunities and gastro programmes, the organisers said.

Should pandemic regulations not allow the festival to open in June, it will be pushed back to August 4-8, the organisers said in a statement to MTI.

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