Tűz (Fire) by Levente Herman

Times of disruption

The horror of war is a very close experience, but it has not reached us in its physical reality. But artists so sensitive to social movements have long been concerned with the trends leading up to it.
24. June 2023 7:55

The group exhibition, Times of War, reflects on the effects that are affecting us at a societal level with recent works by artists. The curators have selected a selection of works that express a metaphorical and sensitive reaction to the events around us on an abstract plane of thought.

It is fascinating to observe how our contemporary artists have sensed the impending catastrophe almost as if in a vision.

This reflection on an alienated reality is a very strong factor in the works on display, but a recurring motif is the depiction of empty spaces and ruins. The fact that these tendencies can be detected in the earlier works of many artists shows that, unfortunately, this street led in one direction, history could not have happened otherwise.

Este (Evening) by Ábel Szabó


List of artists:

Zsolt Ferenczy

Rita Horváth

Patrícia Kaliczka

Katalin Kortmann Járay

Karina Mendreczky

Ábel Szabó

Dorottya Szabó

Jòzsef Szurcsik

Tomasz Piars

Curators: József Baksai, Dániel Horváth

Concept by Standby Project – Éva Szilléry, Hanna Raden

Organiser: Nektár Association

Supporters: Terézváros Önkormányzata, Körönd koncepció, Carbon Mérnöki Tervező és Tanácsadó kft.

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