Erika Miklosa (r) and Ferenc Rofusz - Photo: MTI

Saint Stephen Orders awarded to soprano, animator

President Katalin Novak decorated coloratura soprano Erika Miklosa and animator Ferenc Rofusz with the most prestigious state award, the Order of St. Stephen, on Saturday, Hungary's national holiday.
21. August 2022 6:28

The president praised Miklosa as one of Hungary’s most successful and internationally best known opera singers who won acclaim for the country with her performances in Paris, London, Munich, New York and several other venues all over the world. Novak also highlighted Miklosa’s merits in mentoring young talents.

The president praised Rofusz as Hungary’s first Academy Award-winning artist, receiving the prestigious prize in 1980 for his animated short “The Fly”.

Novak noted that the communist authorities of the time had not allowed the animator to leave the country and attend the Oscars gala but later on his artistic achievements were duly recognised.

“We, Hungarians, are proud of you, your professional achievements, commitment and outstanding human qualities,” Novak said. “The whole nation expresses thanks for what you have done for us, Hungarians, for our homeland, Hungary.”


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