Déli railway station is one of the buildings included in the project – Photo: Fortepan

Rethink of Budapest modern buildings at Venice Biennale of Architecture

Architectural studios from central and eastern Europe have been asked to rethink 12 iconic modern buildings of Budapest, and the plans will be displayed in the Hungarian pavilion of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Architecture Biennale.
5. May 2021 6:50

The exhibition dubbed Othernity – Reconditioning our Modern Heritage, the first international project of the Hungarian pavilion, will be open from May 22.

The motto of the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale, postponed from last year due to the coronavirus epidemic, is: “How will we live together?”.

Julia Fabenyi, the national commissioner of the Hungarian pavilion who is also the director of the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art in Budapest, told a press conference on Tuesday that the Hungarian exhibit will reflect on this motto by assessing the heritage of modernist architecture in Budapest.

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