President opens centenary Judit Reigl exhibition in Budapest Mucsarnok

President Katalin Novak opened a large-scale exhibition marking the centenary of the birth of world-renowned Hungarian-born contemporary painter Judit Reigl in Mucsarnok in Budapest on Tuesday.
4. October 2023 5:52

Novak noted that she had meet Reigl ten years ago and had seen “a strong, brave and non-compromising woman, an artist constantly in pursuit of new paths”.

The exhibition pays tribute to an outstanding artist of her era who valued freedom as more important than anything else, Novak said. “Judit Reigl always stood out as she also refused to obey the communist rulers who, recognising her talent, sought to use her for their own purposes,” she said.

After emigrating from Hungary, the young artist had “trekked through Europe” in pursuit of regaining her personal, artistic and ideological freedom, Novak said, adding that “it is possible to live in the dark, but to create is possible only if there is light”.

Novak said that after settling in Paris and regaining freedom, Reigl put on canvas images that had been inspired by oppression and became the leading Hungarian female abstract artist. “Judit Reigl connects Hungary with France, Francophone culture… her paintings immerse and dissolve what is Hungarian, French and universal, they connect our cultures and elevate them together onto a higher level,” said the president.

The exhibition entitled “Judit Reigl 100 – Judit Reigl and the second school of Paris” and featuring more than 60 titles will run until January 28.

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