Peter Eotvos’s first Hungarian-language opera to premiere in Budapest

Celebrated Hungarian composer Peter Eotvos's first Hungarian-language opera, Valuska, will premiere at the Eiffel Art Studios on December 2 in Budapest, the Hungarian Opera House said in a statement.
25. November 2023 6:27

Eotvos’s 13th opera, composed at the request of the Hungarian Opera House, which Eiffel Studios is a part of, is based on Laszlo Krasznahorkai’s award-winning book, The Melancholy of Resistance. The book was also the inspiration of Bela Tarr’s film Werckmeister Harmonies.

Zsolt Haja, Adrienn Miksch, Tunde Szaboki and Andras Habetler will sing in the main roles. The performance will be directed by Bence Varga and conducted by Kalman Szennai, the Opera’s statement said.


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