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Online gallery launched to boost young artists

A new Hungarian online gallery named youngart has been launched to offer “unique and original masterpieces by young and talented artists”. There is also the youngart Mini Gallery in central Budapest that can be visited by appointment to view the best works from the online site.
16. April 2021 16:50

Youngart describes its mission as being to establish a connection between young, talented artists and art lovers and to “bridge the chasm between the needs of art buyers and sellers”.

Their website asserts: “Though the demand for unique and original paintings, sculptures and other artworks as home or office decor seems to be rising, people cannot or are not willing to pay millions for an artwork.

“For them, buying emerging and qualified artists’ work may be a good solution, those young artists, however, often find it challenging to reach their target audience. With we aim to help both sides in meeting their needs.”

The founder of, Dr Vera Hatházi, is a lawyer who has long supported young artists. She recognised that she could best help them by connecting them with an audience happy to support young talent by purchasing their works.

This coincides with a perceived trend in interior design, a growing demand for unique and original works of art in recent years. Many like to decorate their homes and offices with such items, but there is relatively little opportunity to access works like these at affordable prices.

With the online gallery, Hatházi has dreamed up and created a platform where enthusiasts can not only access hundreds of pieces to choose from but also help struggling young creative folk.

The online gallery’s efforts to support young artists go beyond providing a sales platform for paintings, sculptures, graphics, photos, digital prints, drawings and the like. It helps promote their works with public relations and marketing support, and launches financial support programmes.

Beginning in the spring, the Youngart Porsche Fine Arts Scholarship is the first such initiative, offering financial support over six months, allowing artists to focus more intensively on creation.
In addition to the scholarship, ten artists selected by a jury will have the opportunity to present themselves at a joint exhibition organised by youngart and Porsche. Applications are welcome by April 20.

The youngart Mini Gallery at Pauler utca 11 in District XIII can be visited on weekdays between 9am and 5pm by appointment. This physical gallery assists those people whose attention might have been caught by a piece of art while browsing on the website, but are still hesitating and would rather see it in person for a deeper look before buying. Those artworks that have to come from a distance may not be available to view at the mini gallery. The website advises which are available. says its online venue for artists to exhibit and sell their unique work and for visitors to find and buy creations they love for a reasonable price means that buyers don’t need to worry about encountering the same artwork in their friends’ homes.
“And who knows what the future may hold? Buying the work of an emerging artist is not only a great act of support but might be a good investment too. The work you buy today may be worth much more in the future.”


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