Krisztina Pogány

Exhibition at Young Artists Gallery

Mediterranean warmth captured on silk, textiles

Krisztina Pogány knew from an early age that she wanted to be a painter, and her “Dream in Alger“ exhibition at the Young Artists Gallery in District VI’s Hotel Benczúr shows the Mediterranean atmosphere and close-to-nature path down which her creativity led her.
7. December 2021 15:19

Pogány’s works are produced on silk and textiles, a form that requires great precision and design, and they show a meticulous approach. The paintings are executed in colours that reflect the warmth of the sun.

She painted in high school then at the Eger Teacher Training University of Drawing and Visual Culture, followed by the Iparművészeti Egyetem / University of Applied Arts textile department.

Fantasy Girl by Krisztina Pogány

The fine art exhibition can be seen until January 31 at the Fiatal Művészek Galériája / Young Artists Gallery in the Munkácsy room of the Hotel Benczúr, Benczúr utca 35, District VI. Curator: Péter Bézi.

Monochrome by Krisztina Pogány


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